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Date: Sunday, 16 December 2018.

Departure and arrival: Vila Universitaria at Universitat Autónoma of Barcelona.

Circuits: 95% asphalt, closed to traffic and controlled. The organization reserves the right to modify the circuit / circuits for security reasons.

Distances: approximately 11km, 5km and 480meters.


(*) In case the walk has a significant number of participants, the departure time may be altered in a few minutes.

Running categories 11km:

(*) Those under the age of 18 must submit an authorization from one of the parents and / or guardians.

Running categories 5km:

(*) Those under the age of 18 must submit an authorization from one of the parents and / or guardians.

There will be no categories in the 5km walk.

There will be no race / walk categories for sportsmen with reduced mobility.

Information for young participants:

All minors enrolled in the reduced mobility course (> 8 years), in the 5km race / walk (> 8 years) and in the 11km race (between 14 and under 18) must carry signed the authorization of parents, or guardians. Download the authorization document for minors here.

Registration fees:

The participants of the race / walk must formalize their registration:

The race has a solidarity character. It is anticipated to give at La Marató de TV3 at least the amount of € 8 per registration. The organization is working so that this amount can be higher.

Each federated corridor is responsible for making sure that the federation mentioned at the time of formalization of its registration covers this type of event.

Registration deadline:

Chips: Chips are the Championchip officers. Those who have a yellow chip must register by giving their code and take it to the race if they want to go to the classifications. Those who do not have a yellow chip should rent a white one that they will have to return after finishing the race. White chips will be delivered along with the back and the shirt.

Insurance: MAPFRE VIDA accident insurance is mandatory for those who do not have the specific accident coverage for this type of competition. The amount of the accident insurance is € 1.50.

It is necessary for participants with insurance to know the exact coverage of the policy they are subscribed to.

Collection of dorsals and / or chips:

It will be necessary to bring the DNI / NIE / passport to collect the number, the chip (if applicable) and the t-shirt. Children under 18 must submit an authorization from one of the parents and / or guardians.

Prospectors: The organization can request documents proving the age of the people who participate.

Closure of the race: The arrival of the participants runners will be closed at 1:30 p.m.

Classifications race 11km and race 5km: Classifications will be published on the race page once the information about the company that is in charge of the timing has been received. They will include the corridors that begin and end the route with the corresponding back and chip. The organization will place, throughout the circuit, the sufficient number of controls to ensure that the test is absolutely correct and sporty. There will be no trophies for winners of the general and / or category.

There will be no ratings for the 5km walk.

There will be no 480m race / walk classifications for sportsmen with reduced mobility.

Return of the chip: Once the corridor has passed through the arrival line, at the collection points established.

Responsibilities: The organization is not responsible for the material and intangible damages that may arise from participating in the race / walk. Red Cross ambulance assistance is planned with the first aid service.

Complaints: They must be made in writing to the director of "La carrera de la UAB - La Marató de TV3", attaching € 50, which will be returned only if the claim is correct.

Modifications: The organization reserves the right to make any variation. In any case, they will be informed accordingly.

Trophies: There will be no trophies for winners of the general and / or category.

Additional services offered:

Cancellation: The amount of registration for the different types will not be refunded.

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